45 Inc Birmingham is changing the face of

direct sales & leadership development



OUR Company

45 Inc Birmingham is a privately owned and operated sales and business development firm specializing in new customer acquisition. We are proud to work with multi-billion dollar clientele in the telecommunication, fiber optics, and entertainment industries. Presently, we represent the world’s largest telecom provider, working on their fiber optic, satellite, and wireless campaigns. 



Mass marketing methods, such as billboards and TV commercials, create brand awareness, however, they rarely create action. Telemarketing and direct mail are more effective, yet they do not produce the level of results large clients need to prosper. Enter 45 Inc Birmingham - we only meet with qualified consumers in person, which creates effective relationship and generates long-term customers.

OUR Vision

It is 45 Inc Birmingham's goal to provide continuous growth for both our clients and team members. For our clients, we aim to expand their brand into new markets across the U.S. using our face-to-face marketing and sales approach. Through this expansion, ongoing career opportunities arise for entrepreneurial-minded and team spirited individuals looking to excel in the business industry.



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Brand Marketing

Promoting our clients' brands, products, and services with the utmost professionalism and integrity

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Account Acquisition

Bringing our clients quality, profitable customers on a daily basis

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Customer Service

Delivering a superior customer experience through our face-to-face marketing and sales approach

Direct Sales

Meeting with qualified consumers in-person rather than over the phone or via e-mail