Building Opportunity For Humanity: 45 Inc Birmingham Gives Back


As part of 45 Inc Birmingham’s commitment to developing our team’s leadership ability, philanthropy is a MASSIVE part of our culture. As a growing, Birmingham-based organization, we’re always looking for ways to get involved in the community and give back to those who need it most. Hosting fundraising events, such as our annual basketball tournament for Alzheimer’s research, is something we do regularly to raise awareness and increase our team’s involvement on a local and global level. Wondering what our latest philanthropy project was, as brought to our team by our CEO, Wrinardo?! Volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore right here in Irondale, AL!

Donating our time several days in both September and October, our team at 45 Inc Birmingham is already beginning to feel the effects of putting forth good energy into the world. By stocking store shelves, unloading trucks, aiding in furniture repair and refurbishing, helping with donation pickups, pricing inventory, and organizing the ReStore and the warehouse, we left each time more confident in ourselves and our effect on the citizens of Birmingham who benefit from the Habitat ReStore.

Identifying with Habitat for Humanity’s mission to provide opportunity and hope for others, 45 Inc Birmingham understands the importance of camaraderie within a community. Our company was founded on core values such as integrity, compassion, and leadership, so we ensure that everyone in our company feels valued and appreciated. We work to teach our team mindfulness and the level of influence they can have on the people around them, and that extends to circles beyond their friends, family, and work colleagues. Working at 45 Inc Birmingham is more than a job, we say; it’s a career path that allows individuals to grow both personally and professionally into the best versions of their self.

While some may wonder why a company would encourage it’s team to participate in community service events, even during work days, we couldn’t imagine NOT trying to create better business leaders both inside and outside of our office. Simon Sinek says that “generosity is doing something for someone else expecting nothing in return,” and when we think about the caliber of individuals we want to build a business with, the generous, selfless, and humble ones are the first that come to mind. So whether we’re donating our time with the Habitat ReStore, raising money for Operation Smile, or awareness for Alzheimer’s research, you can always count on the 45 Inc Birmingham team to be engaged, aware of their impact, and excited to give back.

To learn more about our values and mission at 45 Inc Birmingham, please visit our website or check out our About.Me page. Furthermore, if you’re interested in participating in one of our philanthropy events or volunteer projects, we welcome you to contact our Department of Human Resources for more information!