A Commentary on the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership


In his beloved novel, John C. Maxwell brilliantly outlines the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership. While all of the laws are insightful, innovative, and important, here at 45 Inc. we definitely have our favorites.

  1. The Law of Influence

The True Measure of Leadership Is Influence- Nothing More, Nothing Less

Becoming a successful leader is not about percentages, team sizes, or income. The most powerful leaders have the ability to influence a single team member, an entire team, and the masses beyond. A leader who can push his brand and his team into the sphere of influence will be far more effective than one who works in a vacuum.

  1. The Law of Process

Leadership Develops Daily, Not in a Day

As with anything else in life, strong leadership is not fostered overnight. Effective leadership is a craft and should be practiced in such a way. A strong leader is not born within the first months of a company’s inception, but in the years that follow. Spend each day working and harnessing your sense of leadership, and let it form you- not the other way around.

  1. The Law of Magnetism

Who You Are Is Who You Attract

You are who you surround yourself with and you are who you attract. No more blaming the universe for bringing ineffective and toxic people into your world. If you promote strong leadership, unending positivity, and an intrinsic motivation to improve and expand, those are the team members you will find in your corner.

  1. The Law of the Inner Circle

A Leader’s Potential Is Determined By Those Closest to Him

This law holds hands with law 9, following the same basic principles. As a leader, you might expect yourself to have a stronger sense of motivation than your team, but that does not mean you are willing to work harder. All members of the team should be striving for greatness and working at the top of their ability, those who don’t will only lessen your potential as a company and as a leader.

  1. The Law of Reproduction

It Takes a Leader to Raise Up a Leader

If you have reached the point of exemplary leadership, then why keep it to yourself? Mentor and mentor often. Don’t assume that you can’t be replaced, instead, create your replacement. Build team members who can achieve greatness beyond you, and foster the same strength of leadership.

For a complete look at what it takes to be an effective leader, seek out Maxwell’s novel. His words influence our team here at 45 Inc. every single day.