Our Advice to May Graduates 🎓


It’s almost time to store away the books on the shelf and start the next journey of your life! This is a huge milestone personally and professionally. This next chapter most likely seems to start off with a lot of new stress and worries, but we can assure you adventure awaits with unlimited opportunities!  Whether you find your career directly out of college or jobs that are stepping stones to build your strengths and improve your weaknesses, trust in the path that awaits.

We, at 45 Inc Birmingham, have advice for you directly from our management team! Champions don’t start out with the title. Every post-grad has been exactly where you stand and thought the same thoughts that might be going through your mind at this very moment. Fortunately, there will be advice along the way to aid you in your growth and development, like these 3 tips below!

Always hold on to your student mentality!

There is a large difference between having a career and having a job. Individuals who become successful and have quicker career growth consistently learn from their superiors and apply the knowledge they acquire. The keyword here is “apply!” People who go into their day-to-day work routine with a hunger to learn are more open to new opportunities and thus, more prone to success. The biggest names in success take full advantage of self-improvement through asking questions, books, audiotapes, and finding mentors!

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your major!

We interview the finest graduates among the state who come with a vision in mind but sometimes close themselves into a box of what they think they should be doing or what they’ve been influenced to do. You’ve dedicated 4 years to the study of your choice but all that is is a guideline to your interests, not a commitment to forever. At 45 Inc Birmingham, we have the pleasure of working with individuals with engineering, biology, programming, and even mathematics degrees, all who excel in our Management Training Program because of their personalities and open-mindedness, not because of what they chose to study. If there’s anything we can advise, it’s to look for a company’s culture that fits you best, not a title!

Be patient in the process!

Growth is a slow, gradual process. When you start, you may be looking for a management role or a certain pay grade, but remember, those things will come with time. It’s OK to start in an entry level role and it’s OK to not be satisfied with your starting salary – those are all motivators that will push you professionally down the road. Everyone starts somewhere, and it’s important to recognize that your starting point is just a dot on a roadmap to bigger and better!

Whether you’re about to walk the stage in May or December, we couldn’t be more excited for you and this next chapter your life. Not everyone accomplishes what you’re about to, so we encourage you to take great pride in this victory before you move on to the working world. No matter where you land or what you find yourself doing, be proud of yourself yet humble and eager to learn. Never underestimate the power of putting your head down and getting to work. Best of luck and welcome to life after college!