This month our team had the pleasure of sitting down with Mo Yagoub, an account manager at 45 Inc. Birmingham. Yagoub has been with the company since September of 2018 but has made huge strides in success during his past few months.

Yagoub was born in Saudi Arabia and remembers himself as a shy only child, that is until he found a way to break out of his shell. Yagoub became involved with the theatre world as a teenager, participating in theatre for all four years of high school, and went on to study theatre for one year in college. “Theatre played a big role for me,” says Yagoub, “it helped me open up and be able to talk to people, which is something I do every day in this career. I am wholly myself, but in theatre, you get to be anybody.”

Yagoub graduated high school in May of 2013 and headed to the University of Alabama. “I had no idea I would end up in this career,” says Yagoub, “I wanted to be an electrical engineer, I had a passion for theatre, an inclination for business, but in the end, I chose to study Kinesiology.” Alongside his dedicated work for the company, Yagoub has maintained his studies and will be earning his degree this December. Congrats Mo!

What is one life experience that you feel has shaped you?

“I haven’t told many people this, but when I was around 13 years old, I was diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome. It’s a very rare, completely random chromosomal malfunction, affecting about 1 in 100 people. At 13 I started realizing something was off with me, so I went to the doctor and was diagnosed. From then until now, I’ve been battling it, there is no cure only treatments. Dealing with that from a young age as an only child with a single mother who was working a lot, I had to teach myself how to grow up with having that.”

On September 4th, 2018 Mo Yagoub walked through the doors of 45 Inc. Birmingham for the first time as a full-time employee. “I found the job on Zip Recruiter,” says Yagoub, “I worked at a family business for about 8 years, and just got tired of it. I wanted a change, so I started searching for jobs. I was immediately intrigued by this opportunity.” It took only a matter of days for Yagoub to fall into the company groove, and start forming lifelong relationships. “Immediately, the environment was filled with positivity,” says Yagoub, “very uplifting and genuine. I’ve made so many lifelong friends in such a short time, everyone is easy to get to know. It felt like family.”

As for his goals, Mo Yagoub has his eye on the prize. “I will make it to assistant management and hopefully ownership,” says Yagoub, “I eventually want to open up gyms and health clubs as well.”