With the end of the year right around the corner, our team at 45 Inc Birmingham would like to take a moment to look back at a wonderful year filled with achievements. We traveled, received awards, earned promotions, and volunteered for a number of philanthropic events. 

Here’s a recap of 2018!


We packed our bags at the start of the year and headed to Dallas, Texas! Here we attended our client broker’s annual kick-off conference where we focused on growth and knowledge. We had a blast networking with our fellow colleagues and picked up an award or two, of course! Our next stop was Houston, Texas in June while attending a nationally held sales & leadership conference. To wrap up the year, we flew to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in September, where we enjoyed some well-deserved rest & relaxation! We had a blast spending time together enjoying the sun and pool, and even got to ride ATVs through the forest! 


This year was full of hard work, and it paid off in a big way! We had a ton to celebrate! Our very own CEO, Wrinardo, was awarded Consistency Manager of the Year by our client broker! Accordingly, he delivered a 15 minute speech to a crowd of 3,000, talking about the changes he made to 45 Inc Birmingham over the last year that allowed us to rank in the top 5 outsourced sales offices for our client. We also received national recognition from the BBB as an accredited business in Birmingham with an A rating. As a company that prides itself on high levels of ethics and integrity, we are honored.


Our goal, as always, is to continue to grow, so it’s no wonder we had plenty of promotions to celebrate. Our very own Je’Niah blew us all away with all of his accomplishments, and in one short year, went from an entry level position to management. This took hard work, boundless energy, and determination, and he served as a great example to everyone looking to grow professionally at 45 Inc. We’d also like to give special recognition to Kendra & Bryant, who were offered positions in our Human Resources Department earlier this Summer and Fall. Our whole team worked hard all year, putting us in the top 5 every single month for new customer acquisitions. This is not easy, seeing as it is out of 80 outsourced sales offices working with our client. One thing’s for sure: when we focus on being the best, we really put our minds to it.


Our team at 45 Inc Birmingham loves to spend time giving back. Philanthropy is something we are passionate about on a personal and corporate level. This year we contributed to work with Habitat for Humanity, a Multiple Sclerosis Walk, and Habitat HomeStore to help create a better tomorrow. One of our favorite projects was getting to work with Hands On Birmingham, a local organization. We were able to give back to a local high school by reworking and updating the landscape to create a better learning environment. Every time we volunteer, we feel a sense of good, which inspires us to find new charitable organizations to donate to. 

If this year has shown us anything, it’s that together we can achieve it all. With all of the accomplishments we’ve racked up this year at 45 Inc Birmingham, we have definitely set the bar high for our future organization. Our team inspires us daily to keep pushing towards our goals. Stay connected with all our adventures and follow us on Facebook to see what all we’re up to in 2019!