First 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament to Support Alzheimer's Research

First 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament to Support Alzheimer's Research

45 Inc Birmingham hosted its first Three-on-Three Basketball Tournament on Saturday, September 17th at the Mountain Brook YMCA.  Basketball enthusiasts from the office and the community formed teams of 3 to take part in the tournament, which served as a fundraiser Alzheimer’s research.

45 Inc Birmingham Goes Bowling!

Here at 45 Inc Birmingham, we are extremely competitive!  We enjoy playing sports and games for event night.  Whether it is Cards Against Humanity or bowling night, we’re always up for some friendly competition.  Read more on our Wordpress Blog by clicking here!

How can you better your listening skills?

Listening is a gift given to those who seek it. Anyone can be a great listener, that is the beauty of listening.  Being a good listener is refreshing to colleagues and admired by most great leaders. It is a trait that should be harnessed and developed throughout life.  Read more on our Wordpress Blog by clicking here.

8 Things I’ve Learned in Business in 8 Years

Our president and CEO talks about 8 things we’ve learned that has helped us to be better as a company, as leaders and as entrepreneurs.  Our #1? It’s not about me, it’s about my guys. Invest in your people.  Read more on our blog!

45 Inc.’s Managers Retreat

To quote the ever poetic Snoop Dog, “It ain’t no fun, if the homies can’t have none.”  In this case we mean business can be lonely at the top, so sharing in the spoils of success is so much better with friends.  Check out our video and the rest of the blog on our Wordpress Blog.

45 Inc. Woman Crush Wednesday featuring Rebekah!

Our Woman Crush Wednesday is Rebekah.  What she loves about the company is the high bar for excellence, being able to collaborate with other team members and being trained into a leadership role.  We’re really lucky to have Rebekah on the team!

Jordan's 10 Rules for Success

We're big fans of Michael Jordan here in the office!  We were truly inspired by his 10 Rules for Success!  Our favorite is #2. Ignite the Fire.  What is yours?  Comment below!

He's an athlete, actor, and entrepreneur. He's considered to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest basketball player of all time He's worth over $1 billion and his brand grosses over $2.25 billion. He's Michael Jordan and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success.