Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.
— John Wooden

Read what others have to say about 45 Inc Birmingham!

"Wrinardo is a special guy.  He encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone on a daily basis and inspires you to reach your goals in life.  He truly has your best interest in mind, which is tough to come by nowadays.  If you're focused with your intentions, passionate about your future, and have a burning desire to accomplish something greater...Wrinardo McKennedy is one of the best people to learn from."

- Brett
Community Activist
Motivational Speaker

"Wrinardo and the 45 Inc Birmingham team are amazing people!  They are so dedicated to helping others and seeing others hit their goals.  I am inspired daily by their commitment to personal and professional development.  My favorite part about working with the 45 Inc Birmingham team is their student mentality and willingness to learn and grow!"

- Mani
Business Consultant


My time at 45 Inc Birmingham has been amazing. I really enjoyed working with the people in the company. I learned a lot about how to be an entrepreneur, how to run a business, and made many connections. I have also grown personally because of this business which pushes you to your potential by pushing you to set high goals and helping you achieve those goals. Would highly recommend!!

- Sneha
Intern | Summer 2016


45 Inc Birmingham is a great company! I got promoted to assistant management within three months of moving to Birmingham for the position. What I like about the company is that everything is a 100% merit based and the management training has developed me both personally and professionally. I'm excited about the next step in my career and continuing our partnership.

- Cori
Assistant Manager

45 inc Birmingham is like a family, always there to promote my growth. It's really cool too because the office is so fun, work doesn't feel like work. It's challenging and fun and I'm in control of where and how fast I move up.

- Zach
Lead Account Representative


I've had the privilege to work with 45 Inc Birmingham since inception.  It truly is a team environment!  Everyone works together to help each other grow AND succeed.  I couldn't ask for a better work environment.

- Shanda
Organizational Developer